MERF 3.2 Mosfet
MERF 3.2 Mosfet

MERF 3.2 Mosfet

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Multifunction programmable 3rd generation MOSFET. The system has as much as 10 functions. Its latest feature is the 3-rd Burst Mode, which allows for limiting the number of shots. The system allows for lossless rate of fire adjustment; it protects state-of-the-art Li-Ion batteries: LiPoly and LiFePO4; it has a built-in active brake; and it protects contacts against damage. The Smart Trigger function enables achieving faster trigger response. Thanks to two operating modes, the system works with both the original and the modified AEG installation. The system is designed for all replicas and especially for the upgraded ones. It has been adapted to work even with the most powerful springs, including M170. Key functions: MOSFET transmits the energy from the battery directly to the motor, bypassing the traditional mechanical trigger contacts. As a result, the replica gains a higher rate of fire, faster trigger response, and the contacts are protected against burn out. ACTIVE BRAKE in SEMI Mode does not allow for compressing a piston after a shot. The piston will stop in the front position which eliminates unnecessary stresses, increasing the service life of the gearbox and its parts. This is important, especially in AEG power upgrade. ELECTRONIC FUSE – the unit has thermal protection for increased durability and in combination with a time-lag fuse, it fully protects your AEG installation. DEBOUNCING - provides full compatibility with micro-switches. It ensures complete resistance to contact bounce and thanks to it the replica gain a bigger ROF, a faster trigger response and the MOSFET is less prone to overheating. BATTERY PROTECTION - against Over-Discharge of the Battery. The microprocessor monitors the battery voltage constantly. When the voltage drops down to a critical level, the Controller will not allow firing. SMART TRIGGER - enables faster trigger response. It works with the ROF Control system. During the first shot, the microprocessor sets the ROF Control to 100%. After the first shot, it switches to a previously programmed value (e.g. 50%). As a consequence, the first shot is fired at a full rate of fire, and subsequent shots at a reduced ROF. CONFIGURABLE FIRE SELECTOR - gives the option to program fire selector. There are five modes: - STOCK WIRING SEMI/AUTO - STOCK WIRING SEMI/BURST - MODIFIED WIRING SEMI/AUTO - MODIFIED WIRING SEMI/BURST - MODIFIED WIRING BURST/AUTO Features: - The system operates properly within a wide range of voltages: 3.2 - 15V - Compatible with the most powerful AEG replicas. It withstands continuous fire with the use of M170 spring and single shots with M210. - Very simple assembly - Comprehensive protections - Very low current consumption in standby mode (0.15mA) - Very low resistance of the whole system (2.4 Ohm) - Compatible with all types of GearBox - 4 LED Display - Deans-T Connectors Included in the kit: - Additional kit of Deans-T Connectors - Single signal wire for trigger contacts - Double signal wire for trigger contacts - System programming button Warning: GATE does not guarantee the compatibility of mosfets and ETUs such as TITAN or ASTER with brushless motors. Connection of a brushless motor can cause immediate damage to the device, motor and battery, that is not covered by the warranty and can lead to a fire.

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